Playliste C

C - Bool - Would you feel

C & C Music Factory - Things that make you go hmmmm
C & C Music Factory Ft. Freedom Williams - Gonna make you sweat (Everybody dance now)

C Real - El Ritmo

CC Catch - Summer kisses
CC Catch - Anniversary MegaMix
CC Catch - Megamix
CC Catch - Little by Little
CC Catch - Back Seat of your Cadillac
CC Catch - Megamix

C.C.S. - Tap turns on water
C.C.S. - Whole lotta love

Cajmere feat. Dajae - Say u will

Calvin Harris - Acceptable in the 80s
Calvin Harris - I'm not alone (Tiesto Remix)

Cameo - Word up

Cameron feat. Khaled - Henna

Camille Jones vs Fedde Le Grand - The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Club Mix)

Cam'ron - Hey Ma

Canned Heat - Going up the country
Canned Heat - Let's work together

Capone-N-Noreaga - F with us

Cappella - Festival Megamix
Cappella - U got 2 let the music
Cappella - U got 2 let the music (Brescia Edit)

Captain Cook - Ein weisses Schiff
Captain Cook & Seine singenden Saxophone - Da tanzen wir zu Billy Vaughn

Captain Hollywood - Danger sign
Captain Hollywood - More and more (Recall)(Scotty vs Full Gainer Mix)

Captain Jack - Captain Jack
Captain Jack - Get Up
Captain Jack - Holiday
Captain Jack - Iko Iko

Caput - Mach alles caput

Caramelle feat Nitro - Self control

Carefree - Broken strings (Sebo Reed Electro Radio Mix)

Carl Dalemo - Wire to wire

Carl Douglas - Kung Fu fighting

Carlo Resoort - Battery

Carlos T. Quilla - Everybody

Carly Simon - Son of a Preacher Man

Carol Jiani - Hit and run love (2006 Mondo Remix)

Carola - Invincible

Carolyn Winters - Crazy

Cascada - Ready for love
Cascada - A neverending dream
Cascada - A neverending dream (Ivan Fillini Remix)
Cascada - Because the night
Cascada - Because the night (Original Mix)
Cascada - Cant stop the rain
Cascada - Cant stop the rain (Club Mix)
Cascada - Cant stop the rain (Mainfield hardspace Remix)
Cascada - Everytime we touch
Cascada - Everytime we touch (89Ers Radio Edit)
Cascada - Fever (Ryan Thistlebeck Radio Edit)
Cascada - Kids in america (Album Mix)
Cascada - Last Christmas
Cascada - Love again
Cascada - Love again (Club Mix)
Cascada - Love again (Rob Mayth Remix)
Cascada - Miracle
Cascada - Miracle (Alex M Remix)
Cascada - Miracle (US Club Mix)
Cascada - One more night (Club Mix)
Cascada - One more night (Dan Winter Remix)
Cascada - Ready for love
Cascada - Ready for love (Club Mix)
Cascada - Ready for love (Italo brothers new Vox Mix)
Cascada - Ready for love (Klubbingman Remix)
Cascada - Truly madly deeply
Cascada - Truly madly deeply (Uk Radio Mix)
Cascada - What do you want from me (Club Mix)
Cascada - What hurts the most (Topmodelz Remix)
Cascada - Wouldnt it be good (Club Mix)

Cassandra Steen - Darum leben Wir
Cassandra Steen feat. Adel Talwil - Stadt

Cassie - Me & U

Cassius - Feeling for you 2k9 (Starmix Edit)

Cat - Schöne Mädchen

Cat Stevens - Morning has broken
Cat Stevens - Seasons in the sun

Catarina Valente - Spie noch einmal für mich
Catarina Valente - Wo meine Sonne scheint
Caterina Valente - Ganz Paris träumt von der Liebe

Catterfeld - Niemand sonst (Radio Edit)

Caught in the Act - Baby come back
Caught in the Act - Love is everywhere (7 Version)

Cave And Prey - Energy

C-Block - Eternal grace
C-Block - Summertime

CC.K - Close to me

Celine Dion - A new day has come
Celine Dion - Feliz Navidad
Celine Dion - I'm alive
Celine Dion - Immortality
Celine Dion - My heart will go on
Celine Dion - That's the way it is
Celine Dion & Clive Griffin - When I fall in love

Central Scrutinizer - Cote expose au soleil

Central Seven - If I where you

Cerla vs Manian - Jump
Cerla vs Manian - Jump (Manian Radio Mix)

Chad Kröger feat Josey Scott - Hero

Chaka Khan - Ain't nobody (Live)
Chaka Khan - I feel for you (Live)
Chaka Khan - I feel for you (Remastered Album Version)

Chakuza feat Bushido - Eure Kinder
Chakuza ft Bushido - Unter Der Sonne

Chamillionaire - Ridin
Chamillionaire feat Krayzie B - Ridin

Champaign - How 'bout us

Changes - DJ Antoine

Chanice - (Da ist noch) Heisse Glut (Radio Version)
Chanice - (Da ist noch) Heisse Glut (Fox Version)
Chanice - Das Dübellied (Fox Version)
Chanice - Das Dübellied (Radio Version)
Chanice - Du bist meine Sommerliebe (Fox Version)
Chanice - Du bist meine Sommerliebe (Radio Version)
Chanice - Fliege weisser Adler (Radio Version)
Chanice - Gib mir die Flügel zurück (Fox Version)
Chanice - Gib mir die Flügel Zurück (Radio Version)
Chanice - Ich bin doch nicht bescheuert (Fox Version)
Chanice - Ich bin doch nicht bescheuert (Radio Version)
Chanice - Ich leb mein Leben (Gegen den Strom) (Fox Version)
Chanice - Ich leb mein Leben (Gegen den Strom) (Radio Version)
Chanice - Immer weiter (Weg) (Fox Version)
Chanice - Immer weiter (Weg) (Radio Version)
Chanice - In the Mix
Chanice - Jede Nacht im Traum
Chanice - Jede Nacht im Traum (Fox Version)
Chanice - Jede Nacht im Traum (Radio Version)
Chanice - Kannst Du mir nochmal verzeihn
Chanice - Kannst Du mir nochmal verzeihn (Fox Version)
Chanice - Kannst Du mir nochmal verzeihn (Radio Version)
Chanice - Noch ist sie bei Dir (Radio Version)
Chanice - Und dann geht es los (Fox Version)

Chante Moore - Straight up

Chaos Team - Der Teufel und der junge Mann

Chariots Of Fire - Olympic Theme

Charlene feat DJ Mexx - First a date

Charles and Eddie - Would I lie to you

Charles Dutoit - Die Bären sind los

Charly Lownoise - Wonderfull days 2001

Chas & Dave - Gertcha

Cheap Trick - I want you to want me

Cher - All or nothing
Cher - Believe
Cher - If I could turn back time
Cher - Strong enough
Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song

Cherish feat Sean Paul Of - Do It To It (Main Radio Versio)

Cherona - Ching Chang Chong

Chicago - Hard to say I'm sorry (Remastered Album Version)
Chicago - If you leave me now

Chicane - Saltwater

Chickie & LMFAO - Let the bass kick in Miami Bitch

Chico Del Mar Feat. Pit Bailay - Free your mind (Original Mix)

Chilli - Tic Tic Tac

Chipz - Chipz in black
Chipz - Christmas time is here
Chipz - Cowboy
Chipz - One two three

Chocolate - Ritmo de la Noche
Chocolate - Ritmo de la Noche (Brazilmix)
Chocolate Puma - Always and forever

Chris Andrews - Pretty Belinda

Chris Brown - Forever
Chris Brown - Gimme that
Chris Brown - Run It!
Chris Brown - With you
Chris Brown Band - Die rote Zora

Chris Cornel - You know my name

Chris Daughtry - It's not over

Chris de Burgh - Don't pay the ferryman
Chris De Burgh - Lady in red

Chris Frame - Flashback (Original Radio Cut)

Chris Howland - Das hab ich in Paris gelernt
Chris Howland - Das hat die Tante Emma aus Italien
Chris Howland - Die Mutter ist immer dabei
Chris Howland - Hämmerchen-Polka

Chris Marlow - Die Banane
Chris Marlow - Santa Maria

Chris Norman - Midnight Lady (aus Tatort)

Chris Rea - Loving you again

Chris Roberts - Du kannst nicht immer 17 sein
Chris Roberts - Ich bin verliebt in die Liebe

Chris Spedding - Motor bikin'

Chris Wolff - Palma de Mallorca

Christian - Es ist geil ein Arschloch zu sein
Christian - Was kostet die Welt

Christian Anders - Du
Christian Anders - Es fährt ein Zug nach nirgendwo
Christian Anders - Geh nicht vorbei
Christian Anders - Gespensterstadt 2009
Christian Anders - Pretty Belinda

Christian Bruhn - Manni, der Libero
Christian Bruhn - Timm Taler (Timm's Thema)

Christian Franke - Ich wünsch' Dir die Hölle auf Erden

Christian Lais - Ich hab' Dich nie verloren

Christian Wunderlich - Forever tonight
Christian Wunderlich - That's my way to say Goodbye

Christina Aguilera - Hurt
Christina Aguilera - Ain't no other man
Christina Aguilera - Candyman
Christina Aguilera - Come on over baby
Christina Aguilera - Genie in a bottle
Christina Aguilera - I turn to you
Christina Aguilera - Keeps gettin' better
Christina Aguilera - Lady Marmalade
Christina Aguilera And Missy E - Car wash
Christina Aguilera feat Redman - Dirrty

Christina Milian - Say I

Christina Milian - When you look at me

Christina Stürmer - Engel fliegen einsam
Christina Stürmer - Fieber
Christina Stürmer - Ich lebe
Christina Stürmer - Nie genug
Christina Stürmer - Scherbenmeer
Christina Stürmer - Träume leben ewig
Christina Stürmer - Mama Ana Ahabak
Christina Stürmer - An Sommertagen
Christina Stürmer - Augenblick am Tag
Christina Stürmer - Die Welt
Christina Stürmer - Lebe lauter
Christina Stürmer - Mehr Waffen
Christina Stürmer - Mitten unterm Jahr
Christina Stürmer - Ohne dich
Christina Stürmer - Reine Nebensache
Christina Stürmer - Revolution
Christina Stürmer - Scherbenmeer
Christina Stürmer - Seite 1
Christina Stürmer - Sonne hinter dem Nebel
Christina Stürmer - Um bei Dir zu sein
Christina Stürmer - Unsere besten Tage

Christopher & Raphael Just - Disco 128 (Patric & Timo RMX)

Chuck Berry - Maybelline

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

Chyp-Notic - Nothing compares 2 u (The Single Dance Mix)

Ciara - 1 2 Step Feat. Missy Elliott
Ciara - Bang it up
Ciara - C R U S H
Ciara - Can't leave 'em alone (Ft 50 Cent)
Ciara - Get in, fit in
Ciara - Get up (Ft Chamillionaire)
Ciara - Goodies feat Petey Pablo
Ciara - I found myself
Ciara - I proceed
Ciara - I'm just me
Ciara - Like a boy
Ciara - Make it last forever
Ciara - My love
Ciara - Oh
Ciara - Promise
Ciara - So hard
Ciara - That's right (Ft Lil Jon)
Ciara - The Evolution of dance (Interlude)
Ciara - The Evolution of fashion (Interlude)
Ciara - The Evolution of music (Interlude)
Ciara feat Justin Timberlake - Love sex magic

Cidinho & Doca - Rap des armas

Cilla Black - Something tells me

Cindy & Bert - Aber am Abend da spielt der Zigeuner
Cindy & Bert - Ich komm' bald wieder
Cindy & Bert - Immer wieder Sonntags
Cindy & Bert - Spiel noch einmal für mich Habanero

Citizen - Microteck (Iq 06 Remix)

City High - What would you do

Clannad & Bono - In a lifetime

Clark Wayne - The clown

Claudia Jung - Es muss ja nicht gleich für immer sein
Claudia Jung - Hey 'nen kleinen Schuss, den hattest Du doch schon immer
Claudia Jung - Mittsommernacht
Claudia Jung - Sommer in Athen
Claudia Jung & Rosanna - Domani I'Amore Vinceria

Claudio Baglioni - Heidi

Claus Van Haiden - 666 Part 2

Clay Akin - I've had the time of my life

Cliff Richard - Living doll
Cliff Richard - Power to all our friends
Cliff Richard - Some people
Cliff Richard - We dont talk anymore

Cliff und Rexonna - Im Zug nach Osnabrück

Climax Blues Band - Couldnt get it right

Climie Fisher - Love changes
Climie Fisher - Rise to the occasion (Hip Hop Mix)

Clivilles & Cole - Pride (In the name of love)

Cloudskippers feat Shena - The real thing (O' Heller Mix)

Clout - Save me
Clout - Substitute

Clowns und Helden - Ich liebe Dich

Club 7 - Everybody (Move Around) (Original Mix)

Club Latio - El Venao

Club Robbers - Take me home tonight

Club Scene Investigators - Direct Dizko

Clubbstars - Let the bass kick

Clubbticket - I believe in love (Original Mix)
Clubticket - I Believe In Love (Club Mix)

Clubraiders - Move your hands up
Clubraiders - I want your love

Clueso - Gewinner
Clueso - Keinen Zentimeter

Cock Robin - When your heart is weak

Coco Caribe - Carneval
Coco Caribe - La Bomba

Coin - Nanana

Cola Boy - 7 Ways to love

Colbie Caillat - Realize
Colbie Caillat - The little things

Coldcut - Doctorin' the house
Coldcut feat Lisa Stansfield - People hold on

Coldplay - Lost!
Coldplay - Talk
Coldplay - Violet Hill
Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Cole feat Queen Latifah - I can do too

Colonia Deejays - Der weisseste Mann am Strand
Colonia Deejays - Und es war Sommer

Colör - Männerstrip im Waschsalon

Combo Colossale - Puppen weinen nicht

Comedian Harmonists - Ein Freund ein guter Freund
Comedian Harmonists - Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus

Commander Tom - I can't sleep

Commercial Club Crew - La Isla Bonita (Original Mix)

Commodores - Nightshift (Long Version)

Common - Funky for you

Connie Francis - Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel
Connie Francis - Jive Connie
Connie Francis - Paradiso
Connie Francis - Que Sera Sera
Connie Francis - Schöner fremder Mann

Conny Engel - Alles kann passieren
Conny Engel - Halte ich Dich fest

Conny Froboess - Diana
Conny Froboess - Hilly-billy-ding-dong-choo-choo
Conny Froboess - Lady Sunshine and Mr Moon
Conny Froboess - Mein Vater war ein Cowboy
Conny Froboess - Pack die Badehose ein
Conny Froboess & Peter Kraus - Teenager Melodie

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
Coolio & The Bee Gees - Staying alive (Rap Remix)

Coon & 2X - Twilight zone

Copa Cubana - El Mambo

Cora - Allein seit dieser Nacht
Cora - Ich mach mich neu
Cora - Komm wir fahren nach Amsterdam
Cora - Wenn ich es will

Cordalis - Die Liebe ist der Grund dafür
Cordalis - Die Liebe ist der Grund dafür (Radio Version)
Cordalis - Everybody now
Cordalis - Hey Baby
Cordalis - Viva La Noche
Cordalis - Weisser Anzug
Cordalis und Drews - Fiesta Amor

Core 22 - Sorry

Core Pusher - All are your enemies

Corinna May - Bleib' einfach steh'n

Corinna Bailey Rae - Put your records on

Corona - Baby Baby (Lee Marrow Radio Mix)
Corona - I'll be your lady
Corona - Megamix

Corvus Corax - Miser

Cosa Rosa - Millionenmal

Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space
Cosmic Gate - Should have known
Cosmic Gate - Should have known (Radio Edit)
Cosmic Gate - Should've known

Cosmic Love - Bass Pump

Costa Cordalis - Anita
Costa Cordalis - Carolina komm
Costa Cordalis - Der Wein von Samos
Costa Cordalis - Hitmix

Cozy Powell - Dance with the devil
Cozy Powell - Na Na Na

Craig David - 7 Days
Craig David - Fill me in
Craig David - Walking away

Craig Mclachlan & Debbie Gibson - You're the one that I want
Craig Mclachlan And Check 1-2 - Mona

Cranberries - Zombie

Crash Test Dummies - Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm

Crazy Frog - Axel F
Crazy Frog - We are the Champions
Crazy Frog - We are the Champions (Ding-A-Dang-Dong)

Crazy Loop - Crazy loop (Mm Ma Ma)

Crazy Moon - Everybody get down

Crazy Town - Butterfly

Credence Clearwater Revival - Hey tonight

Creed - Bullets

Creme21 - Wann wirds mal wieder richtig Sommer

Crew 7 - Eye of the tiger (A1 Sunset Crew Remix)
Crew 7 - Get the party started (Club Mix)

Crime Club - The beast

Criss Sol & J. Foster - Every you, every me (DJ THT Radio Edit)

Crystal Gayle - Don't it make my brown eyes
Crystal Method - Knight Rider Theme (Techno Remix)

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Women

Cuba Club - Cuba
Cuba Club - I'm only shooting love
Cuba Club - Suavemente

Culcha Angela - Schwanga

Culcha Candela - Besonderer Tag
Culcha Candela - Ey DJ
Culcha Candela - Hamma
Culcha Candela - Monsta
Culcha Candela - Schöne neue Welt (Radio Edit)

Culture Beat - Erdbeermund
Culture Beat - Mr Vain
Culture Beat - Your love (Club Mix)

Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt me
Culture Club - I'll tumble 4 ya
Culture Club - It's a miracle

Curd Jürgens - 60 Jahre und kein bisschen weise

Curiosity - Hang on in there baby

Curse - Denk an mich
Curse feat Silbermond - Bis zum Schluss

Cursive - Staying alive

Curtis Stigers - I Wonder Why

Cutting Crew - Died in your arms

Cyndi Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun
Cyndi Lauper - I drove all night
Cyndi Lauper - The world is stone
Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
Cypress Hill - I ain't goin' out like that

Cyrus - Wir brauchen Bass